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California Fish and Game

California Fish and Game is CDFW's official, quarterly, peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to the conservation and understanding of the flora and fauna of California and surrounding areas, and the eastern Pacific Ocean

Did you know? California Fish and Game is California's longest-running, continuously published scientific journal.
Publication began in 1915, and in 2014, on the 100-year anniversary, the journal began electronic publication in an effort to more readily disseminate information. Previously published issues are being archived on this website as part of an ongoing process. All material posted on the website is available at no charge to scientists world-wide.

Paid subscriptions will continue to be available to libraries and other agencies that request printed copies, but each issue of the journal is available to all individuals in electronic format immediately when published online.

Aim and Scope:

The California Fish and Game Journal (CFG) welcomes submissions on the biology, ecology, and/or management of fish, wildlife, and plants in California and surrounding areas as well as manuscripts focused on new research tools and techniques relevant to conservation and management of the state's fish and wildlife resources. California is the most biodiverse state in the nation, and CFG prides itself in contributing to the conservation and management of the state's natural resources.

Submissions are open to all researchers. No affiliation with CDFW is required.

The Science Institute now houses the journal and supports its online presence and expansion of its state-wide reach and impacts. It also encourages the peer-reviewed journal to serve as a primary outlet for the CDFW science community to share their work.

For more information on types of manuscripts we accept, please see our submission guidelines.

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California Fish and Game Journal