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Information for Authors

California Fish and Game is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal focused on the biology, ecology, and conservation of the flora and fauna of California or the surrounding area, and the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Authors may submit papers for consideration as an article, note, review, or comment. The most recent instructions for authors are published in Volume 97(1) of this journal (Bleich et al. 2011).

Plans are underway to provide an avenue for authors to submit manuscripts directly through the web site, and to enable restricted and confidential access for reviewers. In the meantime, manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail following directions provided by Bleich et al. (2011). The journal standard for style is consistent with the Council of Science Editors (CSE) Style Manual (CSE 2006). Instructions in Bleich et al. (2011) supersede the CSE Style Manual where differences exist between formats.

Authors of manuscripts that are accepted for publication will be invoiced for charges at the rate of $50 per printed page shortly after page proofs are distributed. Authors should state acceptance of printing charges in their submittal letters. The corresponding author will receive a PDF file of his or her publication without additional fees, and may distribute copies without restriction. Back issues are being archived at, where the complete series of California Fish and Game will soon be available free of charge to the reader.

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