Employment Opportunities

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Unofficial CDFW Exam Results Eligibility Lists

The following unofficial eligible lists are available for review.

  • The unofficial eligible lists show candidates' identification numbers, ranks, and final scores per the State Personnel Board.
  • The lists are for informational purposes only.
  • No appointments can be made from this list, as this is not an official eligible list.

Only when hiring, can managers/supervisors request an official eligible list containing the candidates' names and ranks in score order, for those who indicated availability for employment at a particular location.

For all lists except CEAs, see SPB's Eligibility List Disclosure.

CEA Eligibility lists

No current Lists

Employment Vacancies

For Individuals with Disabilities

  • Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP)
  • Reasonable Accommodation at CDFW
    State and federal laws prohibit discrimination based on disability. In accordance with that mandate, it is CDFW's policy to provide employees and job applicants equal opportunity regardless of any known or perceived disability. CDFW makes Reasonable Accommodation (RA) available when an otherwise qualified disabled employee or job applicant requires assistance in order to participate in any and all aspects of the employment process, including competing in CDFW examinations, participating in the job selection process, performing the essential functions of their job, participating in training activities, or accessing other services. All RA requests are given equal consideration unless the accommodation imposes an undue hardship on CDFW's operation.
  • CDFW Disability Advisory Committee
  • Additional information is available on the link opens in new windowCalHR website