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Commercial Fishing Licenses

Information: (916) 928-5822

Fees and Descriptions

You can renew your Commercial Fishing Licenses online, or at select license agents. Licenses purchased online, or at a license agent, will include a 5% non-refundable license agent handling fee. link opens in new windowList of Commercial Fishing License Agents (PDF)

Non-Restrictive Fishing Permits

These permits are not limited entry permits. Before a non-restrictive commercial fishing permit can be issued, an applicant must possess a valid commercial fishing license (resident or non-resident).

Commercial Fishing License (resident and non-resident), Anchovy Take, Bay Shrimp, Commercial Fishing Salmon Stamp, Ghost Shrimp, Golden and Ridgeback Prawn Trawl, Lobster Crewmember, Marine Aquaria Collector, Northern Rock Crab Trap, Sea Urchin Crewmember, Southern Pink Shrimp Trawl, Swordfish, Tidal Invertebrate, and General Trap.

Non-Restrictive Vessel Permits and Stamps

Required for any resident owner or operator for any vessel operated in public waters in connection with fishing operations for profit in this State; or which, for profit, permits persons to sport fish.

Commercial Boat Registration (resident and non-resident), Commercial Fishing Salmon Stamp, Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel license, Commercial Ocean Enhancement Stamp, Coonstripe Shrimp Trap Vessel and Tanner Crab Trap Vessel.

Limited Entry and Restricted Access Permits

These permits are issued only to pre-qualified commercial fishermen or vessel owners. "Limited entry fishery" means a fishery in which the number of persons who may participate or the number of vessels that may be used in taking a specified species of fish is limited by statute or regulation (FGC §8100).

Limited Entry Permits Transfer Information

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