Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) at CDFW


The State of California is interested in accessing the skills, knowledge and talents of persons with disabilities to fill State jobs.  To aid in this endeavor, the State Personnel Board (SPB) established the Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP).

LEAP is an alternative selection program for persons with disabilities. It is designed to minimize the adverse impact of the traditional selection process by providing an alternate means of assessing qualifications and skills of job applicants with disabilities. 

CDFW encourages and enables persons with disabilities to compete for CDFW employment opportunities. When filling departmental vacancies, CDFW utilizes appropriate LEAP examination certification lists to contact and consider qualified candidates for LEAP identified classifications. 

Examples of the classifications used by CDFW for which SPB offers LEAP examinations are:

  • Account Clerk II
  • Accountant Trainee
  • Environmental Specialist I
  • Graduate Legal Assistant
  • Information Systems Technician
  • Key Data Operator
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Mailing Machines Operator I
  • Office Assistant (General)
  • Office Assistant (Typing)
  • Program Technician
  • Programmer I
  • Research Analyst I-Various Specialties (Demography, Economics, General, & Social/Behavioral)
  • Staff Counsel
  • Staff Services Management Auditor
  • Word Processing Technician

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