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CPS-HMS Voluntary Electronic Receipt Submission

There are now two ways for fish dealers and processors to voluntarily submit landing receipts containing CPS (market squid, Pacific sardine, Pacific mackerel, northern anchovy and jack mackerel) and HMS (Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Pacific Bluefin Tuna) to the CPS-HMS project. Each method is described below. Please use one method only.

Dealers can now voluntarily submit landing receipts through the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission's web based system (E-Tix) or through CDFW's electronic submission process (E-Sub).

Differences between E-Tix and E-Sub

E-Tix E-Sub
The CPS quota tracking process was modified in 2014 so that the CPS-HMS Project can receive and check landings data imported from E-Tix starting in 2015. E-Sub was made available to CPS dealers in 2013 by staff on CDFW's CPS-HMS Project.
Requires complete data entry of each landing receipt by dealers. Involves dealers scanning, or taking a photo of landing receipts, and submitting them to an email account.
Allows each dealer to easily review and summarize landings data they have submitted through a secure user account. It can also offer some accounting functionality. Does not allow dealers to review landing receipts or the easy summary of landings information. There is no additional accounting functionality.

E-Tix is an alternate option to E-Sub for dealers to consider when choosing to submit receipts for the voluntary quota tracking effort. We encourage you to participate in one program or the other, not both.

Please remember, this voluntary reporting does not replace the legal requirement for submission of the original signed copy of these landing receipts to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife twice a month according to FGC § 8046 (a).

These voluntary electronic submission methods are used to assist CDFW in improving in-season tracking of CPS landings and depends on your continued voluntary cooperation. If you have specific questions regarding CPS quota tracking, questions about E-Sub, or questions about how E-Tix will be used for quota tracking purposes, please direct them to


If you already have an E-Tix account, you can link opens in new tab or window login to the E-Tix Portal. It is recommended that receipt information be entered into the E-Tix system daily.

If you have any questions about E-Tix, would like a demonstration of how it works, would like more information, or would like to sign up for an E-Tix account and schedule training for your staff on the use of the E-Tix system please contact Dave Colpo at: or (503) 595-3100.

You can also link opens in new tab or windowrequest an E-Tix account online.


Tips for voluntary electronic submission of landing receipts via E-Sub:

  • If you are currently submitting receipts through the E-Sub Form, please discontinue and submit future receipts via the E-Sub via Email method.
  • Submit landing receipts daily.
  • Submit each receipt only once.
  • If you are unable to submit landing receipts daily, please include receipts for only ONE dealer number and ONE day per PDF or JPEG (this can include multiple receipts).
  • Check that writing is legible and that scans or pictures are clear enough to read.

E-Sub via Email

Please scan (or take a picture) of landing receipts and email them to

Once you have submitted receipts to the CPSHMS email address you will receive a reply email confirming your submission.

E-Sub via Form

Please complete and submit this form:

Please fill out the contact information of the person submitting this form or a company point of contact familiar with receipt submissions.

  • Fill out the contact information of the person submitting this form or a company point of contact familiar with receipt submissions.

  •  - 

  • Enter total poundage of each species, from receipts uploaded for this submission.

  • Click 'Add Files' and select file(s) to upload from the pop-up box. (limit: 5 files, 20 MB total)

  • Filename

    • Once you click 'Submit Information' you'll receive a confirmation email at the address entered in 'Contact Email'.

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