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Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP)

link opens in new windowCurrent NCCP Act (as amended; Fish and Game Code Section 2800)

image of nature with flowers, mountains and sky
CDFW photo by Kris Preston

CDFW's Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP) program is an unprecedented effort by the State of California, and numerous private and public partners, that takes a broad-based ecosystem approach to planning for the protection and perpetuation of biological diversity. The NCCP program began in 1991 as a cooperative effort to protect habitats and species. It is broader in its orientation and objectives than the California and link opens in new windowFederal Endangered Species Acts, as these laws are designed to identify and protect individual species that have already declined in number significantly. For a summary of the NCCP Act history and associated documents, see our NCCP History page.


image of nature with flowers, mountains and sky
CDFW photo by Shannon Lucas

An NCCP identifies and provides for the regional protection of plants, animals, and their habitats, while allowing compatible and appropriate economic activity. Working with landowners, environmental organizations, and other interested parties, a local agency oversees the numerous activities that compose the development of an NCCP. CDFW and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provide the necessary support, direction, and guidance to NCCP participants.

There are currently 14 approved NCCPs (includes 6 subarea plans) and more than 20 NCCPs in various stages of planning (includes 10 subarea plans), which together cover more than 7 million acres and will provide conservation for nearly 400 special status species and a wide diversity of natural community types throughout California. These plans are summarized in the map and reports below. More details on each plan are available by clicking on the “Plans” link to the right.


image of nature with flowers, mountains and sky
CDFW photo by Shannon Lucas

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