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Redwood Shores Ecological Reserve


The 268-acre Redwood Shores Ecological Reserve is a salt marsh consisting of excellent stands of cord grass and pickleweed on the marsh side of the levee. Vegetation on the levees consists of gum plant and other upland plant types. The gum plant is preferred nesting habitat for the Bay salt marsh song sparrow. The marsh area also provides feeding areas for rails and herons. The adjacent exposed mud flats provide foraging areas for a wide variety of shorebirds. The resident white-tailed kite, short-eared owl and marsh harrier forage for rodents in the marsh and upland areas.

For more information, call the Bay Delta Region Napa office at (707) 944-5500.

Recreational Opportunities

Wildlife Viewing Hand-carried Boats Only Fishing Hiking Trails

PLEASE NOTE: For information on public use regulations for this area and other Department lands, please refer to the CDFW Public Lands Regulations. All visitors are responsible for knowing and following these regulations.

Activities: wildlife viewing, boating, fishing, hiking


Area History

The property was acquired as a result of a land exchange agreement concluded with the State Lands Commission and Mobil Oil Corporation. Mobil deeded to the state areas specifically chosen for their wildlife values. The area was designated as an ecological reserve by the Fish and Game Commission in 1976.

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Map of Redwood Shores ER

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Bay Delta Region (Region 3)

San Mateo County

Directions: Hwy 92 in Foster City. Exit 3rd Ave/Foster City Blvd S to reserve at intersect of Foster City & Beach Park.

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