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CDFW Lands Pass

San Jacinto Wildlife Area - DFG photo by Kyle Chang

A CDFW Lands pass is required to access CDFW-managed lands where a fee is required for non-hunting recreational purposes, such as bird watching, hiking, etc. A CDFW Lands Pass is not required for any person who possesses a valid California sport fishing, hunting, or trapping license. Passes must be redeemed at the point of entry for an entry permit. Passes are not area-specific and can be used to access any of the following CDFW-managed lands which require a fee:

How To Purchase

If you need a CDFW Lands Pass for use in less than 15 days, purchase your pass from any of CDFW’s 1,400 license agents or from a CDFW license sales office.

To purchase either a One Day or Annual CDFW Lands Pass online, use CDFW’s Online License Service (link below). Passes will be mailed to you within 15 days.

Read the “Online License Sales - Before You Start” section and select “Login / Register” at the bottom of the page. Enter your last name and date of birth, click “Next,” then select “State ID” in the “Identification Type” drop down menu, and enter your driver’s license or ID Card number. If you already have a GO ID and customer profile, the system will automatically go to your customer profile. Make sure all of the information in your profile is correct before proceeding. If you do not have a GO ID / customer profile, (“No Match Found”) you will need to create one. Select “Create New Customer Record” and enter the requested information in every box marked with an asterisk (*). Then click “Save.”

From the customer profile screen, click on “"Purchase Licenses” at the top of the screen. This will take you to the default fishing item catalog. On the left side of the page, click on the green "Misc.” link. Then select the CDFW Lands Pass you wish to purchase.

After you have made your selections, select “View Shopping Cart / Checkout.” to complete your transaction. Make sure you complete the transaction by selecting check out and “submit payment.”

Online License Service

Types of Passes

  • Annual CDFW Lands Pass ($24.33) - Required for access to those CDFW-owned lands for non-hunting uses where a fee is required – passes are not area-specific). Annual passes are valid for the period of a calendar year or, if issued after the beginning of the year, for the remainder of that year.
  • One Day CDFW Lands Pass ($4.32) - Required for access to those CDFW-owned lands for non-hunting uses where a fee is required. These passes are good for one visit only.

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