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Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area


Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area is approximately 3,100 acres of riparian marshland with willows and cottonwoods at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. The property was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission in 1976. After serious flooding in 1986, the Delta Flood Protection Act provided flood control improvement projects for eight islands including Sherman. In 1991, Senate Bill 1065 went into effect to assure that these activities result in no net loss of habitat.

For more information, call the Bay Delta Region Fairfield office at (707) 428-2002.

Recreational Opportunities

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Activities: wildlife viewing and hunting

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Area History

In 1850, the development of the Delta began when the federal Swamp and Overflow Land Act conveyed ownership of all swamp and overflow land, including Delta marshes, from the federal government to the recently-established State of California. After 1850, the reclamation of otherwise un-tillable lands accelerated, and by the early 1870s, most of California's swampland was in private ownership.

Reclamation of Sherman Island for agricultural purposes did not begin until 1869 when 14,000 acres were leveed in. Extensive levee and canal systems were designed to drain what were otherwise perennially submerged areas. The first levee failure was in 1872, completely flooding the island. Repeated massive flood episodes resulted in the island being completely abandoned as an agricultural venture, and today much of the land has been largely returned to its natural state.

As land reclamation proceeded in the Delta, flood control became a critical concern. In 1880, a flood control plan was designed for the valley. In 1917 Congress authorized the Sacramento Flood Control Project, which was completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1960. Protective measures were constructed on rivers and provide effective flood control for a portion of the Delta.

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Bay Delta Region (Region 3)

Sacramento County

Directions: Hwy 160 to Sherman Island Rd. to Mayberry Slough near confluence of Sacramento River. Accessible only by boat.

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