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Antelope Valley Wildlife Area

view of hills meeting valley floor at Antelope Valley Wildlife Area
Antelope Valley Wildlife Area
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The approximately 5,600 acre Antelope Valley Wildlife Area includes the Antelope Valley and Merry-Go-Round units which are largely covered by sagebrush interspersed with rabbit brush and bitterbrush at the lower elevations. The upper slopes are populated by Jeffrey pine, juniper, mountain mahogany, and chaparral plants. It is considered prime deer winter range. Common game species include Rocky Mountain mule deer and mountain quail. Other common species include the golden mantled ground squirrel, Beechey ground squirrel, red-tailed hawk, Cooper's hawk, Stellar's jay, leopard frog and rattlesnake.

For more information, call the North Central Region Rancho Cordova office at (916) 358-2900.

Recreational Opportunities

Hiking Trails Wildlife Viewing Deer Hunting Black Bear Hunting Turkey Hunting Quail Hunting

Activities: hiking, wildlife viewing, and seasonal camping, hunting, and trapping

Hunting: Type C Wildlife Area. Deer, bear, rabbit, tree squirrel, wild turkey, quail, grouse, and dove may be present.

Facilities: None

PLEASE NOTE: For information on public use regulations for this area and other Department lands please refer to the link opens in new windowCDFW Public Lands Regulations booklet. Scroll to the Table of Contents. Locate the page number for general regulations for public uses on all Department lands. For additional regulations that apply only to certain properties, check the Table of Contents for sections that refer to additional or property-specific regulations for wildlife areas or ecological reserves. All visitors are responsible for knowing and following the general and property-specific regulations.

Area History

Europeans first entered the Antelope Valley in the 1770s. The Spanish established El Camino Viejo through the western part of the valley in the 1780s. By 1808, the Spanish had moved the native peoples out of the valley and into missions. 49ers crossed the valley on their way to the gold fields.

Later, a better wagon road followed. Stagecoach lines across the southern foothills came through the valley along this wagon road, and were the preferred method for travelers before the railroad. The rail service linking the valley to the Central Valley and Los Angeles started its first large influx of white settlers, and farms and towns soon sprouted on the valley floor. The aircraft industry took hold in the valley in 1952.

The Antelope Valley Wildlife Area is grazed and there has been some logging. It was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission in 1980.

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North Central Region (Region 2)

Sierra County

between Sierraville and Loyalton

Access: For the Merry-Go-Round Unit, access is directly off Highway 49, west of Antelope Valley Road and the town of Loyalton; the Antelope Valley Unit can be reached by taking County Road 855 (Antelope Valley Road) south from Highway 49 just west of Loyalton.

Topographic Maps: link opens in new windowAntelope Valley WA (PDF)    link opens in new windowAntelope Valley Unit (PDF)    link opens in new windowMerry Go Round Unit (PDF)

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