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July 2019 Ammo Regs
Here is a “quick facts” sheet provided by CRPA regarding new ammunition regulations.

2019 HEI Incentive Program List
Sneak a peek at the list of incentives for the 2019 Hunter Education Instructor Incentive Program! The drawing occurs during the second week of July. Winning HEI’s will be contacted by email and by phone, so please check both regularly!

How does it work? If our records indicate that your Instructor status is in good standing (i.e. if you have taught at least one class, completed the annual Instructor training, and reported your Income and Expense form every year for a minimum of three consecutive years inclusive of the year prior to the drawing), your name is automatically entered in the draw. Names will be randomly ranked and winning HEIs will be contacted starting the second week of July. Remember, the top draw gets first pick, then number two gets to pick from everything still remaining, and so on, until all the incentives are selected. If you haven't already done so, take a look and have your choices in mind in case you win.

Forms and Supplies

Supply Order Form

Questions about supplies? Contact or (916) 651-9169.

Supply Order Form

  • Please submit your order at least one month prior to your class date.  Orders normally ship approximately two weeks prior to your class date.  If you need special arrangements, please clearly explain them in the comments section of this form.  Also, if an item you want is not listed on this form, please let us know in the comments section.

    You should receive an auto-generated confirmation email for all orders submitted. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please email or call (916) 653-4576. All orders are shipped "ground" -- no exceptions. You MUST provide a street address -- no PO boxes.

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  •  CalTIP Brochures             This item is currently unavailable.

  •  CalTIP Cards                     This item is currently unavailable.

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