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Commercial Regulations: Focus on Invertebrates

The CDFW is primarily responsible for management of fishery resources within state waters. The CDFW formulates general state programs and policies concerning management and conservation of fish and invertebrate resources and establishes seasons, methods and limits for harvest. In California, this is done in concert with the governor-appointed link opens in new windowCalifornia Fish and Game Commission and in cooperation with the State legislature for those species not managed exclusively by the Commission.

The following links lead to California commercial fishing regulation information that applies to marine invertebrates:

Frequently Asked Questions - Crab

Can I sport crab for Dungeness from a commercially permitted vessel?

Only with a valid CPFV license and only during the commercial season in the area you are fishing. No other recreational take of Dungeness crab is allowed from a commercially permitted vessel. In Districts 6 and 7 Dungeness crab vessels with a CPFV license may fish under the provisions of their CPFV license until the close of the recreational season.

If I have both a Rock crab permit and a Dungeness crab permit, when can I fish?

You are prohibited from setting trap gear for 30 days prior to the pre-soak of the area you are fishing. After the authorized pre-soak time you may set gear. You may retrieve gear upon the season opening.

Can I take spare crab traps aboard my boat if I don’t use them?

No. You may possess up to six (6) derelict traps aboard your vessel. Derelict traps are traps that have been damaged, abandoned or otherwise found at sea while conducting normal fishing operations.

Can I contract out for another vessel to set my crab traps?

You may contract for another "unpermitted" vessel to deploy your traps under the authority of §8280.7 of the Fish and Game Code.

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