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Laws and Regulations regarding Invasive Species

Descriptions of Federal and State laws and regulations regarding invasive species can be found in Appendices B and C, respectively, of the California Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan (CAISMP). A summary of those laws and regulations is provided in Chapter 5 of the CAISMP. Although this document only addresses management of aquatic invasive species, the majority of the laws that are involved address both terrestrial and aquatic species. When a law applies only to aquatic invasive species it is evident in the title of the law and its description in the CAISMP and its appendices.

  • Appendix G of the CAISMP includes lists of aquatic invasive plants and animal species in California that are regulated by laws and regulations that are species-specific. It is a matrix that shows the status or ratings of these species under various state and federal statutes and policies.

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