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Water Pollution Control Lab

Water Pollution Control Lab scientist analyzing data.

CDFW's Water Pollution Control Laboratory (WPCL) was established by the State Legislature in 1967 to provide laboratory services to DFG and other public agencies. The WPCL maintains a staff of Analytical Chemists and Environmental Specialists who provide technical support to all of the Department’s other functions including: Wildlife Protection, Wildlife Management, Fisheries, and Water Quality. In addition, the WPCL, through interagency agreements and contracts, provides services to other federal, state and local agencies which require environmental monitoring and resource assessment services. This facility contains a full-service analytical chemistry laboratory and aquatic biological assessment (direct biological or bioassessment monitoring) capabilities.

The Laboratory is capable of analyzing environmental contaminants in water, sediments, and tissue. The lab is equipped for clean sample preparation, analyses of petroleum hydrocarbons, semi-volatile organic compounds, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, creosote compounds, trace elements, nutrients and oxygen demand. The facility provides statewide sampling and analytical support to CDFW units for Fish and Wildlife Code 5650 (Water Pollution) enforcement, wildlife loss investigations, and for several state and national monitoring programs and studies. The WPCL is certified/registered as a State environmental testing laboratory pursuant to the provisions of the California Environmental Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 (Health and Safety Code, Div 1, Part 2, Chapter 7.5, Section 1010) and participates annually in the NOAA/NIST/NRC intercomparison studies for both trace metals and organic compounds in sediments and biological tissues and participates semiannually in the U.S. EPA Water Pollution Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies.

Contact Information

Pesticides and Toxics
Martice Vasquez
(916) 358-0315

Inorganics and SWAMP
Christine Askari
(916) 985-8419

Quality Assurance
Gail Cho
(916) 358-2840

Response and Harmful Algal Blooms
Daniel Orr
(916) 358-2807

Aquatic Bioasessment
Jim Harrington
(916) 358-2862

Laboratory Supervisor
Pete Ode
(916) 358-0316

Laboratory Manager
Janna Rinderneck
(916) 358-2859

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