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Aquaculture Registration




Fees include a nonrefundable three percent (3%) application fee, not to exceed $7.50 per item. (Section 700.4, Title 14, California Code of Regulations)

Valid January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019

Entitlements Fee Description
Aquaculture Registration is required for every person engaged in controlled growing and harvesting of fish, shellfish and plants in marine, brackish and fresh water. Aquaculture does not include species of ornamental marine or freshwater plants and animals not utilized for human consumption or bait purposes that are maintained in closed systems for personal, pet industry or hobby purposes; however, these species continue to be regulated. Application and Additional Information (PDF Form)
Aquaculture Registration, New $881.25 Every person newly engaged in aquaculture is required to submit an application and fees for registration. New facilities must be inspected.
Aquaculture Registration, Renewal $553.75 Every person continuing to engage in aquaculture is required to submit an application and fees for registration.
Aquaculture Registration, Surcharge $25,000+ $662.75 Every registered aquaculture facility whose total gross sales were at least $25,000 during the previous registration year is required to pay the surcharge.
Aquaculture Registration, Late Fee $164.00 Every registered aquaculture facility or new facility engaged in aquaculture activity who fails to submit an application before April 1 is required to pay a late fee.

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