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Hollenbeck Canyon WA Land Management Plan

Project description and location: The project is the approval and implementation of the Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area (HCWA) Land Management Plan (LMP). The HCWA is located on the north side of State Route (SR) 94 at the intersection with Honey Springs Road within the County of San Diego Jamul / Dulzura Subregional Plan area. The HCWA contains habitat for "special status" species, game species and other native species. Activities proposed in the LMP includes management, maintenance and restoration of sensitive habitat located within the property; restoration of drainage courses, roads, and trails; use of a former stock pond for dog training; installation of gates, and an unpaved parking area. Proposed public uses of the site include hunting, hiking and equestrian trails, mountain biking, environmental education, and dog training.

Public review Period: The draft plan and accompanying mitigated negative declaration was submitted to the State Clearing House and was subject to public review from October 12, 2006 to November 13, 2006. Public comments were accepted after the end of the official thirty day review period to provide sufficient opportunity for interested user groups to comment.

A synopsis of the comments received and the CDFW's written responses may be found in Appendix G, "Public Outreach Summary and Response to Public Comments" within the Final Plan. The Department has approved the plan and is filing the NOD in compliance with Section 21108 of the Public Resources Code.

A hard copy of the final documents may be viewed at the South Coast Regional office:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
South Coast Region
3883 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

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