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Heenan Lake WA Land Management Plan

Project Location: The HLWA is located about seven miles southeast of Markleeville, California in eastern Alpine County. It is in a mountainous setting on the west side of Monitor Pass and may be reached via State Highway 89. The area consists of Heenan Lake, Heenan Creek, and surrounding lands totaling 1,652 acres.

Planning Process: The planning process was guided by the general policy parameters that direct CDFW, including compliance with all state and federal laws. CDFW's mission, the purpose of wildlife areas, the purpose and history of the acquisition of Heenan Lake WA, and the purposes of land management plans, provided broad direction for the development of this plan.

An environmental analysis pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has been conducted concurrently with plan development to identify the potential environmental impacts of operating the HLWA under the provisions of this LMP. As described in the initial study / negative declaration (IS/ND) prepared for the plan under CEQA, implementing the plan would not have a significant impact on the environment. The IS/ND is included in Attachment A. The draft plan and accompanying negative declaration was submitted to the State Clearing House and was subject to public review from March 9, 2007 to April 9, 2007. Public comments were accepted after the end of the official thirty day review period to provide sufficient opportunities for interested user groups. A summary of the comments received and the Departments written responses may be found in Attachment B, "Public Comments and Department Responses" within the Final Plan.

A copy of the final documents are also available at:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
North Central Region
1701 Nimbus Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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