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Sutter Bypass Wildlife Area


The Sutter Bypass Wildlife Area was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission in 1968. It consists of the Tisdale Bypass and two long, narrow parcels on either side of the Sutter Bypass, for a total of approximately 3,200 acres.

Typical riparian tree growth occurs within the boundaries of the area. These trees include black willow, Fremont cottonwood, button willow, blue elderberry, white alder, and others. The understory consists mainly of roundstem bulrush, California blackberry, California wild grape, western raspberry, and others. Grasses such as wild rye form dominant ground cover in many places. Animal species include deer, skunk, beaver, fox, rabbit, bats, salmon, catfish, and others. Both Sutter Bypass channels have catfish, bullheads, largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, black crappie and chinook salmon.

For more information, call the North Central Region Rancho Cordova office at (916) 358-2900.

Recreational Opportunities

Fishing Wildlife Viewing Hunting with Shotguns Bow Hunting Deer Hunting Waterfowl Hunting Quail Hunting Pheasant Hunting Turkey Hunting

Sutter National Wildlife Refuge is also designated as a Wildlife Area by the Commission. Please refer to §552, Title 14 of the regulations.

Activities: fishing, wildlife viewing, and hunting

Fishing: Fish ladders are present at the dams to assist the salmon in their migration to Butte Creek. Fishing may be done 250 feet or further from these. Chinook salmon are most common in October and November. Overnight parking is available.

Hunting: Type C Wildlife Area. Good populations of deer (Zone D-4), waterfowl, and mourning dove. Valley quail, pheasant, rabbits, and turkeys may also be found in the wildlife area. The best opportunity is at the Tisdale Bypass in the brushy/weedy habitat.

Facilities: None

PLEASE NOTE: For information on public use regulations for this area and other Department lands please refer to the link opens in new windowCDFW Public Lands Regulations booklet. Scroll to the Table of Contents. Locate the page number for general regulations for public uses on all Department lands. For additional regulations that apply only to certain properties, check the Table of Contents for sections that refer to additional or property-specific regulations for wildlife areas or ecological reserves. All visitors are responsible for knowing and following the general and property-specific regulations.

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North Central Region (Region 2)

Sutter County

south of the Sutter Buttes and southwest of Yuba City


Tisdale Bypass: From Hwy 20, approximately 5 miles east of the junction with Hwy 45, turn south onto Tarke Road. To access the bypass from Garmire / Cranmore Road, turn right onto Garmire from Tarke. To access from Progress Road / Reclamation Road, continue on Tarke, which eventually becomes Reclamation Road.

Sutter Bypass East Levee and East Channel: 22 miles in length from Highway 20 south to the junction with the Feather River Levee and the Nelson Slough Management Unit of the Feather River Wildlife Area. The East Levee is generally closed to vehicles.

Sutter Bypass West Levee and West Channel: 9.5 miles in length from Highway 20 to the Tisdale Bypass and 6.1 miles in length from the Tisdale Bypass south to Highway 113. The West Levee is closed to vehicles.

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