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River Spring Lakes Ecological Reserve

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The 638-acre River Spring Lakes Ecological Reserve includes a unique and natural spring system, surrounded by the arid environment of the Great Basin ecosystem. The spring itself provides habitat for a relictual population of spring snails and possibly other species. The riparian area has an extremely high reptile/amphibian density, especially riparian-dependent snakes. The large area of wetlands provide much needed habitat for migrating and nesting waterfowl. Two rare natural communities are found at the reserve, alkali meadow and transmontane alkali marsh.

For more information, call the Inland Deserts Region Bishop office at (760) 872-1171.

Last update : 2/15/2017 4:11:45 PM

Recreational Opportunities

Wildlife Viewing Fishing Hiking Trails Waterfowl Hunting

PLEASE NOTE: For information on public use regulations for this area and other Department lands, please refer to the CDFW Public Lands Regulations. All visitors are responsible for knowing and following these regulations.

Activities: wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, hunting

Area History

Humans have occupied Adobe Valley for over 8,000 years, with the most recent native occupation being the Owens Valley Tribe of Northern Paiute. Historical land use of the valley includes homesteading, farming, mining, and intensive sheep grazing activities. Recent land uses have consisted of cattle and sheep grazing, cattle/horse drives, and pack station operations. Other activities include hunting, wildlife viewing and environmental education classes.

The purpose of the acquisition was to protect and preserve the natural desert springs and associated riparian habitat. The property was designated as an ecological reserve by the Fish and Game Commission in 1994.

Last update : 2/15/2017 4:11:45 PM

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Map of Ringer Spring Lakes

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Inland Deserts Region (Region 6)

Mono County

Directions: Hwy 120 about 28.5 miles east of Mono Lake to River Spring Road. Northeast on River Spring Road for about 4 miles to reserve.

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