Resident Upland Game Bird and Small Game Harvest Survey 2018-2019

You have been randomly selected to complete this survey because you purchased a CDFW upland game bird hunting validation. Please complete this survey, whether you hunted small game or not. The information you provide is kept confidential by the Department and will be used only for the purpose of conducting this survey. Your response is important to the survey effort, and the information you provide helps the Department estimate harvest and improve our management of the species you hunt.

The following resident Upland Game Bird and Small Game species are included in this survey:

  • Mountain quail
  • California quail
  • Gambel’s quail
  • Chukar*
  • Ring-necked pheasant*
  • Ruffed grouse
  • Sooty grouse
  • Fall wild turkey (2018)*
  • Spring wild turkey (2019)*
  • Cottontail, brush, and pygmy rabbit
  • Jackrabbit (all species)
  • Tree squirrel (all species)

* Note: we are collecting information on wild birds; please do not include those birds harvested on licensed game bird clubs.


Step 1: Please enter your GO ID, a unique 10-digit number printed on your hunting license. This will ensure that a single response is recorded for those participants that have been randomly selected in the survey sample. Your responses will remain anonymous.

Step 2: Did you hunt?
Tell us whether you hunted in license year 2018/2019 (July 2018 to June 2019). If you answer No, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit: you’re done!

Step 3: Provide your harvest information:
If you answered Yes in Step 2, please continue the survey. The Department is collecting harvest information by species and county. Providing your total harvest by county allows the Department to have a better understanding of the distribution of harvest for each species throughout the state. For each species, please enter the number you harvested by county, and the number of days hunted. If you hunted a species in multiple counties, use the subsequent entries to enter the information. Please include upland small game opportunistically harvested while on hunting trips for waterfowl, upland game, etc. (days hunted = 1). Please include upland game bird and small game species which you hunted even if you were unsuccessful; this will improve our estimation of hunter effort.

For example: If you hunted California quail in Inyo County for 2 days, jackrabbit in Kern County for one day, and wild turkey during the spring season in San Luis Obispo County, you would make three entries (as below) for each combination of the species and the county where you hunted.

Entry 1: Species/County
Species: California quail
County: Inyo
Number of Days Hunted: 2
Number Harvested: 2

Entry 2: Species/County
Species: Jackrabbit
County: Kern
Number of Days Hunted: 1
Number Harvested: 1

Entry 3: Species/County
Species: wild turkey (spring)
County: San Luis Obispo
Number of Days Hunted: 3
Number Harvested: 2


  • Select the species hunted, the county in which you hunted, and the number of days hunted and the number of birds harvested. Include hunting effort even if you were unsuccessful. Do not include species harvested on licensed game bird clubs.

  • Entry 1: Species/County

  • Entry 2: Species/County

  • Entry 3: Species/County

  • Entry 4: Species/County

  • Entry 5: Species/County

  • Entry 6: Species/County

  • Entry 7: Species/County

  • Entry 8: Species/County

  • Entry 9: Species/County

  • Entry 10: Species/County

  • Entry 11: Species/County

  • Entry 12: Species/County

  • Entry 13: Species/County

  • Entry 14: Species/County

  • Entry 15: Species/County