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Inland Trout Angling Regulations

Department biologists across the state have worked to develop a suite of regulation options for trout waters to simplify angling regulations. Public opportunity for comment on these options was available through meetings of the Fish and Game Commission, including three meetings in early 2019. We are now accepting comments on proposed changes to trout angling regulations. Comment submission will close on May 3, 2019.

We will not be providing an official public response to each individual comment provided here. All stakeholder input will be taken into consideration as a regulation revision package is developed for formal public review through the California Fish and Game Commission, tentatively planned to begin in August 2019. Visit the Fish and Game Commission website to follow their meeting dates and agendas.

  • Statewide Regulation

    Fishing districts—section 7.00(a) through (g)—for trout waters (lakes, reservoirs, and streams above anadromy) will be replaced by a statewide trout angling regulation. Waters not located in the proposed table of changes, or stated as “move to statewide 7.0” will have the following regulation:

    Open year-round, 5 trout bag, 10 trout possession limit, no gear restrictions.

  • Waters with Special Fishing Regulations

    Exceptions to the statewide regulation, found in section 7.50, are selected from the follow options:


    • All Year
    • Closed to fishing all year
    • Saturday preceding Memorial Day through the last day in February
    • Saturday preceding Memorial Day through September 30
    • October 1 through Friday preceding Memorial Day
    • September 1 through November 30

    Bag and Possession Limits and Gear Restrictions

    • 5 fish bag, no gear restrictions
    • 2 fish bag, 4 fish possession limit, no gear restrictions
    • 2 fish bag, artificial lures
    • 2 fish bag, artificial lures, 14” minimum
    • 2 fish bag, artificial lures, 18” minimum
    • 0 fish bag, artificial lures with barbless hooks

    You can submit comments for specific waters below (optional):

    Note: Some section descriptions were shortened for this form. Complete section descriptions can be found in the link opens in new windowtable of proposed changes (PDF)

  • If you would like to see an additional water added to 7.50, comment below (optional):

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