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Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act of 2014

photos of various habitat types
Habitat images from left to right: Yolo Wildlife Area, CDFW photo by Bob Sahara; Table Mountain, CDFW photo; Suisun Marsh, CDFW photo.


The Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act of 2014 (Act; Assem. Bill No. 2193, approved by Governor, Sept. 26, 2014) established a simplified permitting process with CDFW for landowners, state and local government agencies, and conservation organizations wanting to implement small-scale, voluntary habitat restoration projects across California. Restoration and Enhancement projects approved by CDFW, pursuant to the Act, will not require additional permits from CDFW, such as a Lake or Streambed Alteration agreement or California Endangered Species Act permit. Additionally, CDFW will approve complete applications within 30-days or 60-days depending on the type of request submitted (i.e., Fish & G. Code, §§ 1652 or 1653).

Defining a Habitat Restoration or Enhancement Project

Habitat restoration or enhancement projects, as defined by the Act, are projects with the primary purpose of improving fish and wildlife habitat and meet the eligibility requirements for the State Water Resources Control Board’s Order for Clean Water Act Section 401 General Water Quality Certification for Small Habitat Restoration Projects. Projects approved under the Act must also be consistent with widely recognized restoration practices, must avoid or minimize any incidental impacts, and must result in measurable environmental benefits.

Fact Sheet

Provided by Sustainable Conservation

HRE Act fact sheet
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Lance Salisbury, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
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Planning a Restoration or Enhancement Project

Prior to acquiring federal, other state or local permits or approvals, there are other components of planning restoration or enhancement projects. For example, a project proponent may need to finalize project plans and designs, produce cost estimates, and secure funding prior to applying for agency permits, clearances, and approvals.

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Other Permits

Projects authorized under the Act will not require a Lake or Streambed Alteration agreement or CESA permit; however, CDFW is only one of the federal, state, or local agencies that may require permits or approvals for restoration or enhancement projects.

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