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South Spit Wildlife Area


South Spit Wildlife Area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and is known as Mike Thompson Wildlife Area, South Spit Humboldt Bay. Additional information can be obtained on the BLM website for the area.

The property was designated as a wildlife area by the Fish and Game Commission in 2007. This long, narrow spit of land is 598 acres of coastal beach dunes that provides habitat for dune plant species. Ravens, foxes, and raccoons are regularly seen here, and the area is rich in shorebirds and waders.

For more information, call the Northern Region Eureka office at (707) 445-6493.

Recreational Opportunities

Fishing Wildlife Viewing Hiking Trails Waterfowl Hunting Hunting with Shotguns

PLEASE NOTE: For information on public use regulations for this area and other Department lands, please refer to the CDFW Public Lands Regulations. All visitors are responsible for knowing and following these regulations.

Activities: fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, and hunting

Hunting: Type C Wildlife Area. Waterfowl, coot, and snipe may be present.

Facilities: None

Last update : 2/15/2017 4:11:45 PM

Wildlife Branch - Lands Program
1812 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 445-0411

South Spit WA

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Northern Region (Region 1)

Humboldt County

south Humboldt Bay approximately 5 miles southwest of Eureka

Access: From Highway 101 take Hookton Road west to Table Bluff Road to South Jetty Road.

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