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NCCP Plan Summary – San Diego Multiple Habitat Conservation Program

Orange-throated Whiptail
Orange-throated Whiptail
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Map of California with San Diego County  in context
Map of the Plan Area

This subregional plan for the northwestern portion of San Diego County encompasses 111,908 acres (29,962 acres of natural habitat) and provides for species conservation in a proposed 19,000 acre reserve system. NCCP permits will be issued to participating cities upon completion and CDFW approval of their individual subarea plans.

Documents and Status



Enrollment Agreements

City of Carlsbad, 1992 (PDF)
City of Encinitas,, 1992 (PDF)
City of Escondido, 1992 (PDF)
City of Oceanside, 1992 (PDF)
City of San Marcos, 1992 (PDF)
City of Vista, 1992 (PDF)

Planning Documents Final MHCP, completed in 2003
City of Carslbad Subarea Plan
City of Encinitas Subarea Plan
City of Escondido Subarea Plan
City of Oceanside Subarea Plan
City of San Marcos Subarea Plan
City of Vista, Subarea Plan
Environmental Review Documents (e.g. EIR, EIS) Completed in March, 2003
Implementing Agreement (PDF) City of Carlsbad Subarea Plan - signed in 2004
Findings and NCCP Permit (PDF) City of Carlsbad Subarea Plan - issued in 2004
Monitoring Reports City of Carlsbad Subarea Plan - Ongoing

Permit Term

50 years

Implementing Entity

San Diego Association of Governments

Grants Awarded

Local Assistance Grants for San Diego MSCP or MHCP

Conservation (Traditional Section 6) Grants for San Diego MSCP or MHCP

Signatories to the Implementing Agreement

  • San Diego Association of Governments
  • City of Carlsbad
  • City of Encinitas
  • City of Escondido
  • City of Oceanside
  • City of San Marcos
  • City of Solana Beach
  • City of Vista
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Habitat Conservation Planning Branch
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