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Burton Mesa ER Land Management Plan

Planning Process

The planning process was guided by the general policy parameters that direct the Department, including compliance with all state and federal laws. The Department's mission, the purpose of ecological reserves, the purpose and history of the acquisition of Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve, and the purposes of land management plans, provided broad direction for the development of this plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR). An environmental analysis pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has been conducted concurrently with plan development to identify the potential environmental impacts of operating the reserve under the provisions of this plan. As described in the Environmental Impact Report prepared for the plan under CEQA, implementing this plan would not have a significant impact on the environment. The EIR is included in the Plan as Appendix 8.

The Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve Land Management Plan and Environmental Impact Report was released by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) on July 19, 2005 for a thirty day public review and comment period which was extended to September 9, 2005.

Copies of the LMP are available at the regional office during normal business hours:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
South Coast Region
3883 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

Project Description

The project is a Land Management Plan for the approximately 5,200 acre Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve in northern Santa Barbara County, California. The property is owned by the State of California, administered by the State Lands Commission, and managed under a 49-year lease by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the lead agency for the project. The Land Management Plan guides management of habitats, species, and programs to achieve the CDFW's mission to protect and enhance wildlife values. It serves as a guide for appropriate public uses of the property, and provides a descriptive inventory of fish, wildlife, plants and habitats the reserve supports. It provides an overview of the property's operation and maintenance, and personnel requirements to implement management goals. It serves as a budget planning aid for annual regional budget preparation. It provides a description of potential and actual environmental impacts and subsequent mitigation which may occur during management, and contains environmental documentation to comply with state and federal statutes and regulations.

The Plan includes a fuel management plan for areas of the Reserve adjacent to the communities of Vandenberg Village, Mesa Oaks, and Mission Hills. Within the fuel management areas vegetation will be reduced, transitioning from sparse vegetative cover of shrubs adjacent to the urban edge, to that of naturally occurring density. The Land Management Plan also addresses access for wildfire response; retention of approximately 28 miles of trails; boundary fencing; interpretive signs; enforcement of regulations that prohibit bee keeping, unauthorized vehicles and equestrian use; phasing out farming and livestock grazing; habitat restoration; and protection of biological and cultural resources.

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