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California Marine Sportfish Identification: Images

Note: Please consult current fishing regulations for species presented in this booklet. To view information on safe fishing eating guidelines, please visit the link opens in new windowOEHHA website.

spiny dogfish thresher shark bonito shark gray smoothhound brown smoothhound leopard shark blue shark shovelnose guitarfish bat ray round stingray green sturgeon white sturgeon coho salmon chinook (king) salmon California lizardfish Pacific hake (Pacific whiting) Pacific tomcod California grunion jacksmelt sculpin black rockfish blue rockfish bocaccio chilipepper cowcod olive rockfish yellowtail rockfish canary rockfish vermilion rockfish copper rockfish widow rockfish greenspotted rockfish starry rockfish sablefish lingcod kelp greenling staghorn sculpin cabezon striped bass giant sea bass kelp bass barred sand bass spotted sand bass jack mackerel yellowtail sargo queenfish white seabass yellowfin croaker california corbina white croaker spotfin croaker opaleye halfmoon silver surfperch walleye surfperch shiner surfperch redtail surfperch rubberlip surfperch barred surfperch California sheephead California barracuda giant kelpfish Pacific mackerel skipjack Pacific bonito albacore bigeye tuna bluefin tuna yellowfin tuna swordfish striped marlin California halibut Pacific sanddab longfin sanddab Pacific halibut starry flounder petrale sole

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