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Yolo Bypass WA Land Management Plan

Project Description and Location

The project is the Land Management Plan (LMP) for the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (Wildlife Area), approximately 16,770 acres within the Yolo Bypass in Yolo County, California. The purpose of the Wildlife Area is to protect and enhance habitat for wildlife species, and to provide the public with compatible, wildlife-related recreational uses. The Wildlife Area has existed since the first land acquisition in 1991 and this LMP proposes continuation of an ecosystem-based approach to management of the diverse mosaic of natural communities. The Wildlife Area provides habitat for special-status species, game species, and other native and nonnative species. This LMP provides a description of the Wildlife Area and its environment and also includes an evaluation of public uses that are compatible with the purpose of the Wildlife Area. This LMP is a general policy guide to the management of the Wildlife Area. It does not specifically authorize or make a precommitment to any substantive physical changes to the Wildlife Area. With the exception of ongoing restoration and enhancement, and operations and maintenance activities, any substantive physical changes that are not currently approved will require subsequent authorizations and approvals.

Public Review

The draft plan and accompanying negative declaration was submitted to the State Clearing House and was subject to public review from July 24, 2007 to August 22, 2007. Public comments were accepted after the end of the official thirty day review period to provide sufficient opportunities for interested user groups. A summary of the comments received and CDFW's written responses may be found in Appendix A, "Public Outreach Summary" in the Final Plan.

Hard copies of the final documents are available at:

CDFW Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
45211 County Road 32B
Davis, CA 95618

CDFW Bay-Delta Region
7329 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558

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