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Strategic Planning for Trout and Hatchery Resources

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is interested in gaining perspective from statewide stakeholders in order to draft guidelines for trout management. Three different projects will be informed through this process:

  1. Strategic Plan for Trout Management
  2. Strategic Plan for Trout Hatcheries
  3. Inland Trout Angling Regulation Simplification

We need the public to make these projects successful. By providing input and offering comments, you are helping us ensure that we are drafting plans and regulations to meet your needs while providing for the protection and enhancement of trout resources.

As we begin this process, it is important to remember these efforts are for a broad, statewide scope. These products are for establishing principals and guidelines for aspects of trout management, generally. Opportunities to provide specific input on specific waters will be made available after we have established statewide strategies.


You can participate by providing input through the online questionnaire in your topics of interest via the links below:

Contact Information

Roger K. Bloom
(916) 445-3777