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The History of Darrah Springs Hatchery

American River Fish Hatchery 1978
Simon H. Darrah

Darrah Springs Hatchery is named for an early settler of the area, Simon H. Darrah. The current site drew interest to the state of California in 1941 for a trout hatchery due to its consistent artesian springs. Unfortunately war was on the horizon for the U.S and experimental work on the hatchery could not be carried out until 1949. At this time troughs and ponds were installed and studies determined that the water was of sufficient quality to begin construction of the hatchery. From 1954 through 1956, at the cost of nearly $80,000, 60 ponds, 32 nursery tanks, and a 120 trough hatchery building were built. Also built were storage, feed, and other necessary buildings.


Feed storage and preparation room at Darrah Springs Hatchery - 1956

brood ponds as they were in 1964
Ponds as they were in 1964


old style brood pond with dirt sides and bottom

brood ponds as they were in 1964
Ponds as they were in 1964


Modern Loader 1

Modern Fish Loader -2


Modern fish loader

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