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California Natural Diversity Database

The California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) is an inventory of the status and locations of rare plants and animals in California. CNDDB staff work with partners to maintain current lists of rare species as well as maintain an ever-growing database of GIS-mapped locations for these species.

What is the CNDDB?
Additional information about the CNDDB.
link opens in new tab or windowCNDDB Key Facts
An important document to read prior to working with the CNDDB data.
Maps & Data
Online Map Viewers, RareFind, and other products.
Plant & Animal Information
Rare lists, T&E lists, survey guidelines, photos and more.
Submitting Data to CNDDB
Detailed instructions on submitting data to the CNDDB.
Subscribe to the CNDDB
Subscription information.
CNDDB Training
Tutorial documents and training course information.
Spotted Owl Observations Database
Additional information about the Spotted Owl Observations Database
Natural Communities and Vegetation
Vegetation Classification and Mapping Program

Contact Information

CNDDB Coordinator
Lead Scientist Misty Nelson (916) 323-8970
Lead Botanist Kristi Lazar (916) 327-6292
Botanist Katie Gross (916) 324-3744
Lead Zoologist Brian Acord (916) 322-7307
Zoologist Ryan Elliott (916) 327-0715
Zoologist Annie Chang (916) 323-0449
Spotted Owl Data Manager Kate Keiser (916) 445-5006