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California Commercial Northern Anchovy Landing Receipt Data

California processors of commercial northern anchovy landings submit receipts twice a month to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) as required by Fish and Game Code Section 8046. Receipts contain catch location (CDFW blocks) and catch information (in pounds landed) for each landing. Catch data (in metric tons) have been mapped by CDFW block and year from 2000 to 2015. A table of California commercial landings and harvest guidelines (in metric tons) for the central subpopulation of northern anchovy, and California ex-vessel value corresponding to each season, is included here.

Note: No confidential commercial northern anchovy landings data are provided here. Vessel activity was not disclosed where less than three vessels set per block, per year. Some years may appear to contain no data to protect the confidentiality of vessel location information.

California Commercial Northern Anchovy Landings


Data source: Commercial Fisheries Information System (CFIS)
Created by the CDFW CPS/HMS Project Staff: L. Ryley
Map series last updated in September, 2016

Northern Anchovy Landings and Value Information

Year Total Landings (mt) Harvest Guideline* (mt) Ex-Vessel Value
2001 19,277 31,000 $1,363,965
2002 4,643 31,000 $550,914
2003 1,676 31,000 $272,861
2004 6,792 31,000 $750,544
2005 11,182 31,000 $1,085,499
2006 12,791 31,000 $1,297,171
2007 10,390 31,000 $1,095,342
2008 14,285 31,000 $1,565,119
2009 2,668 31,000 $369,751
2010 1,026 31,000 $462,741
2011 2,601 25,000 $617,659
2012 2,488 25,000 $371,150
2013 6,019 25,000 $1,064,937
2014 10,512 25,000 $1,621,033
2015 17,286 25,000 $2,006,452

* In 1978, the Northern Anchovy Fishery Management Plan (FMP) was adopted and management authority for the commercial northern anchovy fishery was given to the Pacific Fishery Management Council. In 2000, the FMP was amended (Amendment 8) to change the name of the Northern Anchovy FMP to the Coastal Pelagic Species FMP, in order to include other coastal pelagic species in the FMP (including northern anchovy), and to set the acceptable biological catch for the central subpopulation of northern anchovy fishery at 31,000 metric tons. In 2011, the Pacific Fishery Management Council adopted Amendment 13, which set the current harvest specifications for the central and northern subpopulations of northern anchovy for the West Coast of the United States (i.e., California, Oregon and Washington).

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